Artist Sergio Femar: “It is always rewarding and inspiring to return to Amsterdam”

Vrije Tijd Amsterdam like to write about artists in Amsterdam. We asked a few questions to artist Sergio Femar.

Would you like to introduce yourself?

“I’m Sergio Femar (1990), a Spanish artist currently based in Miami.”

Artist Sergio Femar: “It is always rewarding and inspiring to return to Amsterdam”

What artistic training did you follow and what attracted you most about the training?

“I have a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca (2008-2013). During my university years I felt very attracted to painting because at that time there was a high-level teaching staff, especially my professor Carlos Pascual, who guided me throughout the process.”

Can you tell us something about the place/studio where your projects are created?

“I’m currently working at D+C Foundation in Miami and the place is amazing, I have a house/studio in the Coral Gables neighbourhood where I set up a work zone in the garden because I love to be surrounded by the nature of the tropic while I’m working. I’m from Galicia (Spain) and although we share the Atlantic Ocean, the lights, the weather, the colors and everything is really different here.”

What materials do you prefer to work with and how is your work created?

“The material with which my work is most related is wood, but I also feel comfortable with all those materials that I can reuse and give them a new life. In addition to wood, I work with all kinds of fabrics, plexiglass, paper and so on. I focus on the ability of my practice to describe itself while maintaining its self-referentiality and autonomy, for which I propose a series of plastic assumptions such as scale, compositional balance, geometry, color linked to form and the physical nature of the support.”

Artist Sergio Femar: “It is always rewarding and inspiring to return to Amsterdam”

What is your vision on art and what are your main sources of inspiration?

“I approach the installation through painting and sculpture with my own creations, deepening into the environment, with the aim of capturing it in my pictorial world. The generative capacity of nature and how it engenders and devours its own formations are fundamental aspects of my creative process. Therefore, I soak my practice in nature’s inherent capacity for creation, and then represent it in my project through the occupation of space.”

What are your favorite movements in art history?

“The art of archaic Greece has always been very revealing to me, especially through the Kouros and the Kore with that rigid and immobile look. Also the European pictorial tradition is fascinating, the richness of the paintings reaches a moment that is overwhelming. I would not know what to choose, although El Greco has a different force for me.

Closer to our days would be Abstract Expressionism, if we can classify it as an artistic movement. But as you can see, it’s hard for me to think of a favorite movement.”

As an artist, do you find Amsterdam an inspiring city or are you more enthusiastic about other cities?

“Absolutely. I was living in Amsterdam in 2021 and I get really inspired by the architectural complexity of the city. It was a fantastic creative period for me because I shared work space with woodworkers and fashion designers and they gave me so many good materials. I remember feeling very attacted by the mix of brick and wood of the buildings when I arrived.

My place (Plantage Dok) was between the Artis and the Hortus Botanicus and I really enjoyed the calm of the neighbourhood and walking around the canals, especially at night. It was a productive experience for me in the city where I kept great memories.”

What exhibitions do you have scheduled in the near future?

“In addition to the residency with D+C Foundation I am doing, the closest project I can talk about is a show at Galerie Biesenbach during the summer period, in the new location that they open in Cologne. They are my gallery in Germany and I’ve been happily represented by them for about six years. Also, I have a pretty full calendar until mid-2025, but these are things I can’t disclose at the moment.”

Would you like to add something yourself?

“Big thanks to Vrije Tijd Amsterdam for purposing me this interview and being interested in my career, my current and future projets and my work. I hope to visit the city again soon! It is always rewarding and inspiring to return to Amsterdam.”

Rik Verkaik, Vrije Tijd Amsterdam