Things to do in Amsterdam – weekend

Things to do in Amsterdam - weekend
Vondelpark. Photocredits:

Things to do in Amsterdam – weekend

Are you curious about the Things to do in Amsterdam for this weekend? We can imagine. When you are here, just for a day-visit or a lovely vacation, you wanne visit interested places and join activities in the city. We used our knowledge of Amsterdam and did a bit of research at several agenda’s. Based on that we proudly present our small list: Things to do in Amsterdam – weekend 13 and 14 april.

Have a great walk in the famous Vondelpark

Before we start with the activities we want to mention a few other great places to visit. It will be sunny this weekend so why don’t you try a walk at the famous Vondelpark? The people, the nature, the animals, it will give you a great fealing. And well, do you like to sit and relax at a terrace in Amsterdam? The city is full with great terracces where you can have a wonderfull time with your friend(s).

Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant 

Try not to eat in the centre today. Go for one of the local restaurants. Well, local, there’s not only Dutch food, but all kinds of food. But mostly the owner is a local. You will love the atmosphere and the food. For example there are some great places in De Pijp. Just walk around, be relax and find a good restaurant. Take a seat, order a glass of wine, eat and relax…

Some nice Saturday activities

We start at the North-side of the city. If you’re not located at this area you can jump into the ferry at the Central Station. On a nice way you will move above the wather of ‘t IJ to the North of Amsterdam. Saturday there will be the event 24H Amsterdam. The ‘culture’ event is organized by a lot of local companies. It’s really great to visit.

As you probably know we love flowers and especially Tulps in The Netherlands. Most visitors in The Nederlands like them as well. This weekend we are in ‘the middle’ of the colorful Tulp Festival. You will see them anywhere you move in Amsterdam.

It ‘s time again for the World Press Photo 2019 exposition. There will be 160 impressing press pictures of 42 photografhers from 22 countries.

At location ‘Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen’ there will be a special Africaday! Really nice to visit.

We can recomend the CC Amstel Go!Go!Go! Festival. Performances by young great talents.

Some fun Sunday events

There will be a historical ship at the NDSM.. And guess what?! You can visit it…

Hey you! Who? Me? Yes, you! There will be a nice concert at Paradiso Noord. Please check if there are tickets available before you go.

Do you like Jazz Music? Try The Hoxton at the Herengracht. There will me some great music artists.

Do you have a specific question about Amsterdam? Wanne know more hotspots in the city? A good restaurant? A wine bar? An Irish Pub? Cheece store? We are here to help you. Send us a whatsapp message at the following telephone nr: +31 (0)6 21 222 0 98. Full free service.We try to reply as soon as we can.

Have a wonderfull day.

Written by: Rik Verkaik


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